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We’re mixing it up! The online schedule varies each week, with a different flow of class types and lengths. New schedules for the week announced each Sunday. Click the link above for the latest updates!

*Collect Yourself *

Collect Yourself sessions create space for you to breathe, move, and drop back in to your home base, within.

In-Studio! Meditative Power Flow

January 15 & 29 @ 11:00am ET in Atlanta! Join at Full Circle Studio in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood for 60 minutes of guided meditation, breathwork, and all-levels vinyasa flow & stretching. You’ll recharge your body, and recenter your mind in a beautiful, inspiring space! Masks strongly encouraged for non-vaccinated practitioners. SPACE IS LIMITED and FREE to TC Members; $18 Drop-In.

Meditative Flow

Stretch Yourself. Move your body and breath in these all-levels online vinyasa flow yoga classes (60 mins.), bookended on each side by a few minutes of intentional breathing and meditation. Get grounded, and leave refreshed and energized! FREE to TC Members; $9 Drop-In.

Flow & Stretch

Double your impact. Just enough flow to warm up, just enough stretch to wind down. These all-levels yoga classes combine movement with seated stretching to open your body and calm your mind (45 mins.). FREE to TC Members; $9 Drop-In.

Yoga Flow Express

Practice efficiently. Get your yoga in when your schedule is tight! Warm up, flow, breathe, and ease your way into the rest of the day (30 mins.). FREE to TC Members; $9 Drop-in.

Mindfulness Meditation

Catch your breath. These ongoing virtual sessions (~20-30 mins.) offer a variety of mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork practices that are accessible to those with any level of experience, including none! Join us to reclaim your energy and your focus.  FREE to TC Members; $9 Drop-In.

Intuitive Coaching Sessions 

Check your messages. Life can be a fun ride, but it’s also a complicated one. We all need a little guidance now and then. These individual, virtual intuitive coaching sessions, supported by oracle card and energy readings, will help you gain clarity on where you are right now, as well as opportunities to create an intentional future that brings your goals and dreams into reality.  TC Members receive 15% discount on all sessions; Non-members: click here for rates.

*Collective Karma*

Good karma isn’t only for the “enlightened.” Doing the work of getting to know and love yourself authentically has an interesting side effect: it makes you want to know and love others more authentically as well. Our Collective Karma initiatives extend our learnings outward to provide support to organizations in our local and global communities who are making a positive impact through their work.

Give-Back Yoga Pop-Up Sessions 

Raise your vibration by supporting others. We regularly partner with yoga studios to host fun, all-levels virtual yoga events from which all proceeds go to benefit a designated non-profit or community organization. $27 donation requested; “pay what you can” welcome! (ALL proceeds are directed towards recipient organization.)

*Collective Wisdom*

Collective Wisdom sessions bring us together in conversation on engaging topics all over the (mindful) board. We share, we listen. We stay open-minded, because we like to learn. We broaden our perspectives through each other’s, and deepen our understanding of ourselves, in community.

Local Experts 

Learn something new. Teach us what you know. One of our very own members or a special guest will step up to host a virtual session that introduces us to a new skill or idea at which they’re expert. Topics are as varied and diverse as our member base, ranging from party tricks to life hacks to skills you never knew you needed, but now can’t live without. FREE to TC Members; Non-members: $18 drop-in

Inspiration, on demand.

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“Just because you are seeing divine light, experiencing waves of bliss, or conversing with Gods and Goddesses is no reason to not know your zip code.”

Ram Dass

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